Above: Fatima Elzein, Artist & Advocate; Alan Berry, Fulbright Scholar and ML Educator; Lauren K. Terry, Executive Director of MLN; Jerone Roy, Texas State Chapter Leader for MLN; Erin McNeill, MLN Founder & President; and Claire Beach, ML Advocate and Educator and Board Member of MLN, explain why Media Literacy is so important to them in this digital age.


Fact:  80% of middle schoolers cannot discern ads labeled as "sponsored content" from actual news stories (Stanford History Education Group).

Fact: Children watch 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 violent acts on TV by age 18 (Parents Television Council).

Fact: Daily, children see 10-11 TV ads promoting mostly fast food, candy, sweet, salty snacks, and sugary drinks (Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity).

What's more, the amount of time young children in the United States spend on mobile screens has tripled in just four years (CNN).

Why Media Literacy?

Because Media Literacy education makes a difference. A study by the Journal of Children and Media found that Media Literacy education resulted in significant increases in students' ability to critically evaluate media, which spurs changes in thoughts and behaviors.

What does this mean? Bottom line: Media Literacy is crucial to the health and well-being of our children.

Why Now?

In today’s wall-to-wall media environment where children are constantly challenged to discern fact from fiction, reality from entertainment, an understanding of how media messages shape society has never been more urgent.

Why Media Literacy Now?

Media Literacy Now is a politically neutral non-profit, and we are the only national education policy initiative for Media Literacy. This means we get Media Literacy in the public discussion and on policymakers’ agendas, resulting in real change.

What will your donation do?

At Media Literacy Now, your money works hard

$25 - we can reach 1 member of the public to raise awareness (through legislative outreach, public awareness campaigns, and parent/teacher seminars)
$50 - we can reach 10 members of the public to raise awareness

$100 - we can recruit 1 new grassroots advocate who works directly with policymakers at the local level to enact change

$250 - we can reach 1 policymaker, 50 members of the public, and recruit 10 new grassroots advocates

$500 - we can reach 5 policymakers and support 1 state coalition

$750 - we can reach 20 policymakers and recruit 500 grassroots advocates

$1000 - we can support 3 state coalitions

This data is based on MLN's data and tracking of past programs  based on the funds we've received over the past 5 years.


Make a Difference. Give Generously.

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Please note that though Media Literacy Now is a non-profit organization, our tax-exempt status is currently that of a 501(c)(4) (wherein tax deductions for donations are prohibited). We have applied for 501(c)(3) status (which enables tax deductions for all donations). We expect our new status to be approved shortly, which means your donation will be tax deductible--but this is not guaranteed. We appreciate your support of our charitable efforts, no matter our status!

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